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About Us

About Three Peaks Physical Therapy, Massage and Acupuncture


At Three Peaks Physical Therapy, Massage and Acupuncture you will be treated with courteous, prompt, and professional service. We know your time is valuable and we will try to schedule appointments that are convenient to you. We will make every effort so that you do not have to wait to see your therapist. We will work as a team to professionally treat your particular injury or pain.

Our Principles

  1. We believe that treatment and rehabilitation of the body is a collaboration between the therapist and the patient.
  2. You deserve to receive the highest level of healthcare in a comfortable and caring environment.
  3. We provide quality treatment in an ethical manner.
  4. We strive to improve wellness through education about lifestyle, ergonomics, safety and exercise.

Our Goals

Three Peaks Physical Therapy, Massage and Acupuncture is a comfortable, friendly and professional office where our goal is to help you return to your optimal level of well-being, health and functionality.

  • To educate you in how to resolve your pain and prevent it from recurring.
  • To help you feel confident to return to your usual activities without concern
  • To explain the importance and purpose of each treatment.
  • To ensure you play an active role in the rehabilitation process.

Our History

We began our company with commitment and passion to become a source of well being for patients suffering from chronic pain.  Through an emphasis on the manual – hands on approach to health, Three Peaks has embraced a collaborative team effort to deliver the most effective treatment for each patient.

Through our offices in Colorado and New York, Three Peaks provides patients with access to a group of caring skilled therapists who offer medically prescribed manual therapy.

Visit Us:

Three Peaks is located in Islip, NY

375 Main Street
Islip, New York 11751
(In front of Town Hall West)

(631) 446-1046